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Personality Development Tips

Personality Development Tips

Personality Development Tips

Start you day by complementing to yourself

“ I look good today’’ , “I think my boss is going to like my presentation today”, “I think when I will complete my performance on a stage I’m going to hear a huge round of applaud” These self compliments and affirmations will help to kill your fear and inferior complex if any.

Create at least 3 good memories each day

It could be as small as making someone smile on your joke or to compliment someone for their looks or achievement. It could be just sending an honest messages to someone you care. These may not take much of your time but could bring you a great sense of accomplishment of good deeds.

Learn to share, care and help others

The truth is if you want to be happy and collect the good memories, the only way of getting it is by giving it. So don’t restrict your hands while helping someone or sharing, loose it up. Go further steps to illustrate your loved ones how much you care and let them know the best of you because they all are going to realize it one day. And then, they will be the ones who stand by you at your worst!

Gift yourself a beautiful journal and write the best moments of your life in it

In order to make conscious efforts of re-enforcing optimism in you, you can start listing the good things happening in your life. Even simple complements like “looking good today” and proud moments of achievements can be included in it. Try to write it almost every day. Not only the good things happened to you but the good things you created for others should be mentioned.

This journal will act as a savior in your dark days. Especially after few years when your memories fade away, you will be surprised to witness them again. And then one day when someone will try to pull you down by shattering your confidence with his/her harsh criticism, you will have enough reasons to bounce back!

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