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“Commitment-” The Capsule of success

Everyone in this world wants to be fit and not sick, similarly everyone in this  world wants to be successful and not failure.

But we should understand that neither fitness nor sickness are permanent both occurs in a cyclic way in every ones life similarly success and failure are not permanent both occurs in cyclic way in every ones life.

Now when we fall sick we can achieve our fitness back.with the help of treatment in the forms of medicines called tablets and capsules which contains different essential components which are required by our body to get  fit similarly when we fall into failure we can be cured with the help of capsules which contains different essential components to get success. Now the name of the capsule to get cured from the sickness of failure and achieve the fitness of successes is “commitment” commitment is the capsule which contains essential components like focus,Action,Adaption,Pain and Persuasion which you have to take daily to get fitness of success.

Another important thing when you fall sick is you avoid certain things so that it helps in the effectiveness of the capsule similarly you have to avoid certain things if want effectiveness of the capsule “commitment” and these things are making excuses that you don’t have money (create it),no support(build it)no idea of your future(find mentors)

if you start avoiding these things and start taking the capsule of “commitment” then believe me success is bound to happen.

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