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Fashion Tips for Thin Skinny Girls

It is very difficult to choose perfect suitable dresses for skinny girls it is a tedious job for them to look good and hide their wiry body structure.

Here are some tips to keep them good looking and fashionable.

  • They make sure to hide sleek & thin legs and should always wear something fashionable loose pants, Plazzos with kurti , Patiala Salwar , bottom cut jeans instead of leggings & Chooridar Pajamas.
  • Avoid straight cut Salwar or Kurties or Suites best option is Anarkali dress, which is also in now days and have a graceful fashionable dressing.

  • Do not choose flat fabric stuff like chiffon, Georgette or satin it will stick to your body and you will look leaner better to opt Pure Silk, Cotton to give feel of thickness.
  • Give your outfit more glamorous look by taking Dupatta, Shrugs, coat, or light Jacket.
  • Stay away from tight skinny denims instead of that choose Boot cut loose jeans, baggy style, and pair it with oversize T-shirt or Top to look more cool and stylish.
  • Choose Horizontal print not Vertical strips. If, skinny girl wear Vertical strips than it will looks more lean and slim. Only one rule apply on every skinny girl is to choose Horizontal strips to give you broaden feel and heavy look.
  • If you wants to wear skirts than remember chose flared skirts to give some volume to your dressing style.
  • You have an advantage to choose all colors and shades but remember big prints will give more elegant look but avoid plain all back dress, as it will give you slimmer look.
  • Opt Flat sandals, Shoes & high boots and avoid heels it will hide your skinny legs.

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