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Stress Management Tips

We are living in a world of full hectic life & busy schedules leads to stressed lifestyle. As we do not have, control on what is going around us nor we are interested to managing our life without pressure.

Being overly stressed and anxious is hazardous for mental health and physical too. If you are taking too much stress and feeling uneasiness than it can be dangerous over the period of time you may fall sick by chronic diseases, anxiety, flu and some life threatening illnesses.

We need to take out some time for rejuvenation and relax our body and soul. Here are some tips, which can help us to get out from lifestyle stress.

 Breathe easily & hold the breath for a few seconds, then exhale slowly. Repeat several times.

  •  Visualize calm by closing your eyes take long slow breathe and think about relaxing.
  • Nothing can beat the smiling therapy feel relax and happy be positive emotionally.
  • Try yoga, stretching, light exercise be it brisk walk, running, swimming or any of your favorite sport.
  • Fighter approach and never give up attitude just think that you are one who can do it.
  • Do not be over burden decide your limits and manage your time well.
  • When you feel drowsy rub your hands together until they warm and put them on your closed eyes and take deep breathe for five seconds.
  • Sit straight and firm do not slump it reduce blood and oxygen to brain. Your spine should be straight it increase oxygen level in your blood and make your feel relaxed.
  • Sleep at least 6-7 hours daily on a routine time & get up early morning and take some fresh air.
  • Reduce stress by prioritizing & organizing your work and take regular breaks.

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