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What are you Thinking about?

Thinking is the most natural process. We think about 60,000 thoughts every day. And we don’t even have to push ourselves hard to do it. It naturally comes to us. If you know about the world famous book “Secret” by Rhonda Byrne or have read about Law of Attraction elsewhere, you already know that our thoughts are creating our life. We cannot afford to underestimate the power of our “Thoughts”. Never forget that “Thoughts are things.”
Pick up a situation from your very recent past and identify the emotion you had experienced when you were living that particular event. What was it? Anger? Grief? Sadness? Happiness? Joy? Disappointment? Or envy? Focus on the situation for a while. You will soon experience that feeling again.
That event is gone. You’re beyond that now. However, thinking the thoughts related to that very event is still making you relive that emotion.
Thinking about the situations and events of your life when you deeply felt a sense of achievement, joy, happiness, empathy, love and so forth can make you instantly feel good. And then, what happens? You are more creative, productive, full of life and joyful.
Everything that you do with such powerful and positive feeling is mostly likely to fetch you positive and desired results.
On the contrary, when we think about who betrayed us in the past, to what extent someone went to criticize or humiliate us, how struggling are the current days and it feels like eternity; how are we likely to feel? Negative and bad. Yes?
The best thing about our thoughts is that they give us a choice to choose them and can make our feelings and moods shift immediately. Most of us don’t realize it and keep on dwelling on petty energy-sucking things which will not even matter a week later.

How are things going in your life?

May I ask you this question “what’s going wrong” in your life? No, wait. Let me ask another one, the more important one. What’s going “right”?

Let’s try this very simple switching technique.

  • Get out two pieces of paper.
  • On one piece of paper, list all of the things that you are not happy with or “going wrong” in your life.
  • On the other one, write a list of all the good things in your life right now. Don’t refrain from writing even things which are not wrong.
  • Focus on both the lists closely. Choose the things that you would like to think about. “Right things” or “Wrong things”.
  • Now, you can choose only one sheet. Discard the other. Burn it in the ceremonial fire, or tear it off and flush it off. As you do it, breathe out and make peace with the fact that these “wrong things” are behind you. You will choose to think what makes you feel good about.

Repeat it whenever you wish to. I suggest go weekly.
So, what are you thinking about now? I would be so glad if this small write up motivates you to choose the thoughts that benefit you and help you go closer to your dream life.

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